Member of the Week David Reaser

[An inspiring story told by a daughter as she sees ACTHA rides improve the quality of her father’s life – a must read!]

“I would like to nominate my father, David C. Reaser. His memory has been deteriorating. He was discovered in Dallas/Fort Worth driving the wrong way on the interstate with his truck and trailer. I could go on and on about the fabulous police officers who took my father and his horse in while they waited for me to arrive from Raleigh, North Carolina, but this is about my father. My father has now moved from his home in Tucson to live with my family and I in North Carolina. Once he settled in, I took him on his first ACTHA ride with his horse, Dancer. I helped him through the obstacles with the help of some friends, (remember he can not remember). My Father did great and became hooked. I promised him that as long as he wanted to ride, we would do these competitions together. He has improved so much that I no longer help him remember the obstacles. He works very hard to do them on his own. It is great for his confidence and for his memory. Though there are tons of wonderful things I could say about ACTHA and the people that promote these events, I have seen first hand how even people with disabilities are able to ride and be welcomed into a group with open arms. Where else would I be able to compete with my 70ish father by my side? The smile I get to see on my Father’s face during these rides is priceless. My Father is my inspiration and I am proud to be his daughter!” Laura Reaser Miller

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