Member of the Week Judy Limsky

We keep our nominations anonymous, but here’s what was sent in by the party nominating Judy Limsky, it’s a great testimony to “true love”!

“Why would I like to nominate Judy? I believe that she deserves it. She embodies what ACTHA is all about. What she has accomplished in 2 1/2 years is just incredible! Her very first year she placed 3rd in the nation. The next year, 2nd. And so far this year, she is leading the nation!! She was the first to get the Platinum award and just recently, the first to enter the Hall Of Fame! And what is really amazing to me is the fact that she and Picasso have not had any formal training. She grew up on a farm and has loved horses since before she could walk. I believe that more important than any training is the BOND that you have with your horse. Once you earn the love and respect for each other, anything is possible. Just watching her, I know that she was born to ride! I have never seen her happier than when she is with Picasso. So, I would be honored to nominate Judy Limsky and Picasso for Member of the Week (and if you ever have an ACTHA Lifetime Achievement award….I would put her name at the top of the list!!)”

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