This is my Trail Horse; Wendy Daze

By Debby Jackson, owned and loved by Wendy Daze

Age 2 being ponied
Age 4 adoption promotion
Age 5 playing with Longhorns
Debby and Wendy at an ACTHA ride


Wendy Daze is a BLM Mustang mare from the South Steens Herd Management area of Harney County, Oregon. Wendy was born in 2004 and adopted in 2005. She was tamed by a 12 year old girl, who shortly after traded Wendy for another Mustang that was taller and ready to ride. The second owner gave her as payment that she owed. The third owner does not ride or even work with horses and Wendy was not being given any attention, so she was up for sale.

I knew about Wendy and had seen her, I was very excited because since the first moment I saw her, I felt there was just something special about her. I made an offer and after a few weeks I picked her up! She was now 2 years old and I was her fourth owner in the course of only one year since she was originally adopted in 2005. She was small, scruffy and scared, but her first adopter did well with her and she settled down quickly.

During the next year, I ponied her behind my other mustangs everywhere I went. I decided to wait to start her under saddle until she was 4 years old because of her size. In 2008 I began riding her on just trail rides.

In 20ll we were introduced to ACTHA! We were hooked and having fun. But in 2012, we realized we had to learn much more! So, we learned to lope, back, side pass, pivot, and even jump. We also learned to drag many different things and walk over many strange obstacles as well. We are now running 1st position in the state standings of ACTHA in the Pleasure Division for the state of Washington. We will continue to try to keep up our standing to the end of the season. Wendy was the small mustang that no one wanted, but she has a big heart and is mighty! Our Bond is Big!

Many thanks to Enjoy Yums All Natural Pet Treats for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Wendy Daze will recieve a gift from  Enjoy Yums, a premium healthy treat.  “Horse Love~ You’ll find it in every bag!”

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