This is my Trail Horse: Thousand Pound Diamond

By Frances Phillips of San Antonio, TX. 
My 1000lb Diamond ~ The only sparkle I would ever need again, well that is what I promised my husband as I pleaded his case!

I was looking for a place to board my next horse; in my mind it was going to be an 8-10 year old well trained horse. They offered to show me some of their stock that was for sale. I walked onto the isle and there he stood. His eyes were piercing mine and it took my breath away. He was stunning, but he wasn’t really what I was looking for. A four year old untrained Morgan… Oh he could pull a cart, which he had done from 3 – 4 years old and he wouldn’t throw you off, but he didn’t know what to do when you got on him.

I continued on through the barn, looked at a 3 yr old, even less trained. I saw his dam, she was also for sale, but older than I wanted. I thanked them and left the barn. I could not stop thinking about the young gelding. They called him D.A., his name I would find out later was Baccarat’s Diamond Affair.
My husband wasn’t enthused about my interest in a young untrained horse, however I convinced him to go back with me to see him. He saw the response from Diamond, he nickered when I entered the barn and stared at me intently. I would learn later that the motto for Morgan horses is “the horse that chooses you” ~ I had been chosen! Once my decision was made, I spent a day at his stall reading out loud, he nuzzled me and one would think he understood articles in Western Horseman Magazine. It was a bonding day!

Diamond is my life horse, although I have had a horse since I was 9 yrs old, he is THE HORSE God intended to bless my life. He has always been easy to train and is the best trail horse I have ever ridden. He can ride in front, in the middle or at the end on the trail; he just loves to go, as much as I do.

When I arrive at the barn, he whinnies at the sight of my car or the sound of my voice. He keeps talking back and forth to me until I reach him. Everyone smiles because it is so endearing. If he is in the pasture, I can whistle and he comes running to me. He has a ton of heart and is eager to work whether it is some time in the round pen, arena or our favorite on the trail. I am often asked if I can train other horses to come to a whistle, especially when they witness Diamond come running to see me. To be honest, I didn’t train him, after all, he chose me… I am so blessed!
Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Diamond will recieve a gift from Durvet.
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