Member of the Week: Val Delana

Val has been part of the backbone of ACTHA since its beginning. As a long standing member, she participated in ACTHA’s reality television series, America’s Favorite Trail Horse, and made it to the top 100 nationally. Val continues to participate strongly and supports ACTHA until this day. If she’s not holding outstanding rides that consistently get the highest scores from riders, she’s on top of one of her beautiful Tennessee Walkers competing herself. Val has 50 ACTHA rides to her credit as well as having signed up to host 9 rides, most of them already completed. She has been an inspiration to all who meet her with her positive outlook, she is motivating and always willing to help share her extensive knowledge and experience. She always demonstrates good sportsmanship, offers to help and contribute without making things complicated, and is considered a treasure by all who know her. It’s people like Val Delana who will keep the trail horse recognized as a valuable asset to the equine industry, the world needs more people like her!

In the photo above Val is riding Missy Thundercloud, a beautiful black Tennessee Walking Horse.

All nominations for ‘Member of the Week’ are anonymous. A nominee may be a rider, ride host, volunteer or judge. If you would like to nominate a member of the week, click here:

Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this great event!

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