Member of the Week: Laura Fitzgerald

Laura Fitzgerald is my nomination for ACTHA’s member of the week. Laura has been a member since 2010 and has been to at least 15 ACTHA rides on her horse Sonny. Laura always comes with a smile, she always finds the good in every event, whether it’s raining or cold, she is always laughing. She is supportive of her ride host, and does all she can to help keep things running smooth. Laura competes in Open, but she does her best to help encourage and support all riders, especially the newbies. At camp she is a ball, a constant life of the party. She’s the one who is boisterous, fun loving, and turns the event into a party. She is a delight ride with, and the first one to turn a touchy situation into something fun. She keeps the judges in stitches and you can hear her laughing and enjoying every minute on the trail. Everyone around her has a good time. If anyone deserves this mention, it’s Laura!

All nominations for ‘Member of the Week’ are anonymous. A nominee may be a rider, ride host, volunteer or judge. If you would like to nominate a member of the week, click here:

Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this great event!

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