Joyce Gorsek and Iamborntorope; Outstanding Accomplishments

Joyce Gorsek and Iamborntorope (Roper), an Appalosa gelding, make their way around the outer perimeter of the Wagon Wheel Obstacle at a trot. Joyce and Roper, residing in Missouri, currently rank #1 in Arkansas, #1 in Missouri, #2 in Kansas, #2 in Iowa, and #2 in the Nation in the Open Division. Joyce and Roper have completed 101 rides and accumulated 531 points as a rider team, and have recently earned the highest possible Medal; The Hall of Fame. Past medals achieved by the team include Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Congratulations to this outstanding team, together they have accomplished a lot, their continued hard work and dedication is quite an inspiration!

Photo by Donna Kay Parker

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