Member of the Week: Lorie Thomas Fleenor

“I nominate Lorie Thomas Fleenor for ACTHA Host of the Week. Lorie is the trainer at Magna Vista Farm, owned by her mother Clara Thomas, which is located in Bristol, TN and which hosts two rides a year. The fifth ACTHA ride hosted by Lorie took place May 3, 2013. The southern hospitality demonstrated by Lorie, Ben (her husband), their families and event crew is always appreciated by the participants. Magna Vista Farm, a five generation family owned farm and woodlands which she opens up and shares with the ACTHA riders in the spring and fall, is magnificent. The beauty of the spring and fall seasons cannot be captured anywhere better than Magna Vista, which makes it such a wonderful venue for ACTHA.

The highways to the farm are always well marked with ACTHA signs. Ample camping areas are available for overnight participants. A bed-and-breakfast is available for those who do not wish to camp. Stalls are available for your horse or you can tie out. For the day participant there is plenty of trailer parking. There is always a delicious homemade dinner after the ride for the riders and breakfast is offered as well.

The trails are well-marked and manicured. The obstacles Lorie chooses are challenging and fun. Lorie’s creative presentations of the obstacles are very fitting. The riders are spread out over the seven mile course so there is no waiting at the obstacles.  The sponsors Lorie solicits give great prizes. Lorie does a great job promoting the sponsors and their businesses to the riders at the awards ceremony. After the awards Lorie offers a clinic to improve communication with your horse when tackling new obstacles, which everyone enjoys and from which they learn much. The day after the ride, a relaxed ride over the trails is offered up to all riders and the crew who helped, make the ride possible. It is just a great weekend for those who have a passion for horses and an appreciation for nature.

I have had the opportunity to ride in the past two rides at Magna Vista Farm. Each time the event is finished and as we are leaving I hear the participants commenting on the great ride they have experienced, the fun they have had with fellow riders, and the GREAT job Lorie and her crew has done. It is a very positive experience.

Lorie’s enthusiasm and passion for the horse and the horse’s owner doesn’t stop with the ACTHA competitions. Lorie wants to help anyone and everyone who desires to grow their knowledge in a positive environment. Lorie has hosted several clinics at Magna Vista Farm this spring to introduce new obstacles to the riders and their horses and ways to approach and complete the obstacles successfully. Lorie offers riding lessons, trains horses, and she will assist the novice horse person in the purchase of a horse which suits the person and his or her goals.

For all of these reasons, I believe Lorie T. Fleenor should be recognized by ACTHA for her support to ACTHA and her dedication to everyone who has a willingness to learn and improve their skills with their horse because of their passion for the horse.”

Congratulations to Lorie for being this week’s Member of the Week!  Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this weekly event.  Molly’s Custom Silver is ACTHA’s official silversmith!

ACTHA Member of the Week nominations remain anonymous.  If you would like to nominate an ACTHA member, Ride Host, judge or volunteer, you may do so by clicking here:  Or, you may send your nomination along with one or two good photos of large size to

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