This is my Trail Horse: Gazelle, the Quiet Companion

By Trisha Clements

DL Gazelle Ale is a pure bred registered Arabian mare and a granddaughter of the famous Black Stallion (Cass Ole). She turned 20 this year and we’ve been to many trail rides all over the state of Texas, and we’ve even traveled to Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. I study Parelli natural horsemanship and Gazelle has responded wonderfully and acts like a real partner out on our rides. We generally ride in only a rope halter and people are always amazed that she is under control, well behaved, responsive and willing.

While our favorite activity is trail riding, we have been dabbling in some dressage and playing with collection. She is great with new people too and I have let my friends and family ride her occasionally. She has been really healthy and is barefoot. She tends to get a little overweight on all the grass we have, so exercise has been our best weapon against laminitis. Gazelle gets a bit unconfident when traveling in the
trailer or while dragging big scary things, but most of the time she handles the pressure well, is willing to try new things and trusts me to keep her safe. During the HOT Texas summers we often go to the local rivers and lakes to swim and splash – she loves the water.

We enjoy participating in the ACTHA rides but we do not compete. Instead we go out as a buddy rider to help those friends and horses who need a quiet, friendly companion to support their confidence. Sometimes we get to practice the obstacles and often the judges remark how nicely we complete it. This is when I am so proud of my little grey mare who makes me look and feel like a champion.

Trisha and Gazelle are from Smithville, Texas. Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Gazelle will receive a gift from Durvet.

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