This is My Trail Horse: Redman Gave My Confidence Back

By Karen Fleischmann

Redman came to us from a friend.  He was sold because he didn’t like chasing cattle.  My friend knew I was looking for a “been there, done that” horse. You see, the year before I was trampled by a horse we were boarding for a friend and ended up having a hospital stay.  I had horses to ride but they were young and I was terrified to get on them again. I didn’t want to get hurt.  When I heard about Redman my hubby said, “Try him out and if you like him, bring him home.”  My hubby was already prepared to let my horses become pasture puffs if I couldn’t ride again. 

I went over to try out Redman and I was scared to death!  We rode in the arena at my friend Ron’s place. Then Ron said, “Hey, lets go on a trail ride.”  Ahh, I was terrified when we opened the gate and rode through. After about a minute of Redman following the other horse I started to relax.  We got

farther down the trail and all seemed to be going well.  All of a sudden a bird flew up under Redman’s hooves.  All the other horses jumped.  Red stood there, looked under himself like “What was that?!”  I smooched to him and we started off again. 

Red came home that afternoon.  He retaught me to have confidence again and taught my son to ride and is going to teach my 14 year old to ride this summer.  My neices ride Red and so do my friends.  He’s 15 now and will be retired when the youngsters are ready.   He’s earned it. 

Karen and Redman reside in Wisconsin.  Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Redman will receive a gift from Durvet.

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