StepnSoak-911" Partners with ACTHA and USRIDER Equestrian Motor Plan

Press Release

Active riders mean active horse issues and any hoof problem will slow you down.  “StepnSoak-911” is proud to announce they now offer exclusive discounts on the new “StepnSoak-911” hoof soaking/Rx boots to members of ACTHA – American Competitive Trail Horse Association – as well as to active members of the “USRider Equestrian Motor Plan” Nationwide Trailering Assistance Service.

Members of both the ACTHA as well as members of USRider Equestrian Motor Plan are active horse owners who travel nationwide all summer long to enjoy their horses in both competition and trail riding.  If a member of either organization suddenly develops an abscess, rock bruise, thrush, puncture wound or any lower leg or hoof problem that needs attention they can go to the membership benefits of each organization and immediately request a set of the new “StepnSoak-911” trademarked “slip-on and tie” hoof soaking/Rx treatment boots sent to them nationwide from the StepnSoak headquarters based in Aiken, SC.   ACTHA members receive 15% off each set of 2 “StepnSoak-911” hoof soaking/Rx boots and 25% off if they have ACTHA Bucks and USRider Equestrian Motor Plan Members receive FREE Priority Shipping anywhere in the US via their Winner’s Circle Advantage Benefits Program.

 “StepnSoak-911″ boots are exclusively constructed in a durable canvas tarpaulin which has been double coated in bright yellow 911 color polyvinyl.  18″ tall and 25” round “StepnSoak-911” is specifically made to use anywhere, anytime or any place.  Pliable enough to conform to any size hoof simply slip it on and secure with the single ribbed nylon attached side tie.  Completely waterproof and endlessly reusable “StepnSoak-911” folds up conveniently to take with you wherever you go.  “StepnSoak-911” will be the new “go-to”  \boots for both ACTHA and USRider members on the road who can conveniently use them for icing, cooling, warm water soaking, puncture wounds, dry hooves or any lower leg or hoof Rx treatments.

StepnSoak LLC is honored to Partner with ACTHA and the ACTHA members as well as be part of the USRider Winners Circle Advantage Benefit Program and we salute all the good work these two organizations offer Horse owners nationwide.

Got a hoof?  You need “StepnSoak-911”

StepnSoak-911 honors ACTHA member discounts as well as ACTHA Bucks.  Discounts cannot be applied together.

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