A Year on the Road with ACTHA

We did it!!! THANKS to encouragement from Watt and Mark, and our family and friends, we’ve hauled many miles and made some pretty awesome memories.

…the herd of over thirty buffalo roaming in MO and one came near us close enough to touch – so I did
…two separate trailer tire blowouts on the same eerie stretch of road near McAlester
…putting bare feet in the icy cold Buffalo River
…sliding down the mountain on horseback after a rainy night at the Buffalo River Resort
…turning our horses out together without any problems
…watching Picasso stand over Dulce as she slept
…heading to a weekend ride in MO and not returning home for almost three weeks and only then because the ride in TN was rescheduled
…having a weekend ride in MO and staying additional days so we could ride across the rushing river at Flying R Ranch when it calmed down a bit
…visiting the historic Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs and being mistaken for street walkers waiting for the trolley on a day that it didn’t run – who knew?!
…nights of popcorn and movie watching in the trailer
…our rainy layover in MO and our ‘shocking’ experience whenever we touched the outside of the trailer
…roasting marshmallows around an AR campfire with friends and a singing guitar, banjo and ukulele player
…having a steak cookout in AR with some of the best people in the world
…after completing a TX ride, seeing National banners displayed with our pictures on them, and celebrating with cake, presents and friends.
Most of all remember being so proud of our horses that we could just burst with pride. Oh my, I think it’s time for another ROAD TRIP !!!

Kathie Norman and Judy Limsky, pictured above, from Texas, currently ranking #1 in the Nation in Pleasure (Kathie) and Open (Judy).  Congratulations ladies on a wonderful year!

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