Announcing the ACTHA Gaited Medal Award

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association, ACTHA, has created a new medal award; The Gaited Medal Award, dedicated to our gaited horse friends. As we all know, gaited is a trait not a breed. Like the rescue horse or any unique designation, we want to give acknowledgement to the fact that trail riding is for us all.

With the historical abuses gaited horses have had to endure in some circles, it’s grand to let the world know there are other wonderful ways to show the abilities of the wonderful gaited horses of America and Canada. Hundreds of gaited horses compete in ACTHA events from coast to coast every week end of the year. ” It’s about time we honor them for the athletes they are!” cites Tom Scrima, General Manager of ACTHA.

Every gaited horse registered with ACTHA, upon achieveing 100 lifetime points, will receive a complimentary gaited saddle from ACTHA’s famous foundation sponsor, TUCKER SADDLES!

When choosing a saddle, saddle fit is the greatest priority. Tucker offers several tree fits for your trotting or gaited horse. Classic Tucker or GEN II (R) are great options for your trotting or gaited horse.

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