Judy and Picasso; an Incredible Year!

Judy and Picasso, ACTHA National Champions – Open Division
1st in Arkansas; 2nd in Texas

“What an incredible ride this year has been!  What started out as hauling around Texas and competing with our friends turned into travelling across state lines, meeting new friends, having new experiences, and building a lifetime of great memories! 

When Kathie Norman (National Champion – Pleasure Division)  asked me to haul with her to other states, it was like a dream come true.  And what I didn’t know then, but I know now… it’s ALWAYS an adventure with Kathie!  We were able to do some sightseeing, enjoy local food, visit many Amish bakeries along the way, as well as experience some of the most challenging riding terrain that I have ever encountered.

Judy Limsky and Kathie Norman

Whether it was riding in Texas at over 100 degrees or waking up in Missouri to a bone-chilling 24 degrees, Picasso was with me all the way, no hesitations, no complaints.  Never did I think this would be one of the most amazing journeys of my life.  And never did I think I would learn so much about myself, from my horse.  Building a bond with your horse is the greatest, most rewarding thing that a rider can do.  Once you have that trust between horse and rider, magic happens. 

Most recently, ACTHA has a new annual sportsmanship award and are dedicating it to my horse, Picasso, by naming it ‘The Picasso Award’.  Now THAT is one of the most heartwarming memories that a horse owner could ever have!  And, I have to say, the following comments from ACTHA have touched me deeply.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” writes Judy Limsky.

Judy, left, and husband Mark

“A hearty, warm felt congratulations to this dynamic riding team, Judy Limsky and Picasso from Texas upon achieving  National Championship – Open Division.   This season has been one of many achievements for Judy and Picasso.  Their determination and hard work have paid off in many ways, the most significant being that of true partnership which is evident after spending just a few moments watching the pair.  Picasso is full of heart, working hard to please and come through for Judy, and her love and respect for her equine partner remains evident every moment.  Judy is a focused rider, meticulous about every detail.  Yet, she’ll be the first to offer a smile and a hug whenever you meet her, and is a joy to ride with or share a log by a campfire.  Judy’s attention to specifics has been appreciated by inexperienced Ride Hosts as she is never afraid to speak up when needed, always ready to encourage or offer guidance.  She has proven a great mentor by example for new riders, as well as an inspiration to all who meet her.  Well done, Judy and Picasso, and well deserved.” 

“What I find remarkable,” states Carrie Scrima, an ACTHA Founder, “is no matter where we show up on ACTHA’s circuits everyone has only great praise for Judy and Picasso. After a lifetime of competing I find this wonderfully refreshing and a good example of the sportsmanship of the ACTHA casual competitor.”

Judy and Picasso clearing a jump in Arkansas

As a result, ACTHA has instituted a new award, dedicated to Judy’s horse; The annual Picasso, to continue to honor Picasso for decades of ACTHA rides to come. Any member or host may be nominated with the winner receiving a complimentary lifetime membership valued at a little under $1,000. ACTHA hopes that this tribute will emphasize how much value is placed on being a good sport in their casual competitions. “If the public were open for nominations I’d nominate Mark Limsky, who trailered, volunteered and cheered EVERYBODY on at most every event Judy competed in!” chuckled Robin Tilgham director of National Sales.  This award goes to one who is nominated by any ACTHA member or ACTHA judge for displaying dedicated sportsmanship during the ride season. Nominations are sent to a special email address, Picasso@actha.us.

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