Member of the Week, Gary Wilder

Introducing Member of the Week, Gary Wilder, Ride Host of Arizona.
“Gary is a valued ride host, but as a rider, he is always helpful to less experienced riders, and it’s a true blue cowboy that’ll loan his best horse to his friend.” When Gary’s the Ride Host, and his riders are in trouble, he does whatever it takes to make sure they’re safe and happy. During one ride, one of his riders called him, saying there’d been an issue with her horse, and that she would not be riding out. Thinking fast on his feet, Gary borrowed a horse, and off they went to the rescue. To ease his rider, Gary came up with a solution, and that solution was Mr. Freckles. He did everything he could to assure his rider to be confident in the horse he’d brought for her. Without hesitation, his rider mounted up, and off they went to finish the trail. Our Ride Hosts are the forefront of ACTHA, representing us every weekend to our riders by providing safe and fun rides. When confronted with adverse conditions, they ensure the safety and fun for everyone. Gary’s story is a wonderful ideal of when a situation arises and our riders need some assistance. Thank you Gary, for being an amazing host and a perfect Member of the Week! Keep up the great work.

Congratulations to Gary Wilder of Arizona,  for being this week’s Member of the Week! Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this weekly event. Molly’s Custom Silver is ACTHA’s official silversmith!

ACTHA Member of the Week nominations remain anonymous. If you would like to nominate an ACTHA member, Ride Host, judge or volunteer, you may do so by clicking here: Or, you may send your nomination along with one or two good photos of large size to

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