Good Dog Photo Contest Winners

First off, let me start by saying how cute ALL of the 60 entries are. But, of course, there can be only 3 winners, and you’ll find those lucky dogs below, with their descriptions and prizes. Congratulations to our top 3! 

FIRST PLACE – Winner of the one of a kind pony from Lucky Hare. Lucky Hare’s unique creations are an adorable gift for someone (yourself included!) of any age and they come in many varieties! Visit Lucky Hare today, to see what they can stitch for you, whether it be to commemorate your equine friend or customize your own pegasus. Congratulations to…

“Josie waiting for the start of a trail run”
Josie is a 2 year old Border collie that is the light of our lives. She not only goes camping with us and the horses, but is my husbands run partner every morning. She is super sweet to everyone including our toddler grandsons whom she kisses and plays ball with. Josie also sleeps with us and always puts her head on the pillow and spoons. She is also an avid T.V. viewer. Big Bang Theory is one of her favorites.
By Rhonda V.
Thank you for your magnificent picture! You truly captured Josie in motion! (90 votes)

SECOND PLACE – Winner of the 2 bottles of Thrush B Gone Ultimate Treatment for thrush & more! Visit Thrush B Gone today, and read about them and their amazing thrush fighting product. Congratulations to…

“Nap Time”

“This is our dog Macy. She’s a 13 month old English Mastiff. When Macy’s not hanging out in the barn with our two horses, she’s taking naps!” 

By Jodi Steinhoff

Can you believe this cutie is only 13 months old?! What a wonderful picture. (61 votes)

THIRD PLACE – Winner of the wonderful Espree© Natural Pet Care Citursil Plus Shampoo & Aloe Based Fly Spray. Visit Espree today, to learn about their full line of natural pet care! Congratulations to…

“Saddie May Ride” 
“My lil’ baby Saddie, is a 3 year old female Miniature Aussie. I decided to get her around Christmas 3 years ago when my boyfriend Jason and I moved into our first house. She has been the best dog I have ever had and has brought so much joy into my life and my family’s. She knows all of our names from Molly, Jason, Granny and Papa. Her favorite thing to do is chew up her toys and our paints legs. Her favorite foods are Chick-fil-A nuggets and ice cream, Arby’s Jr roast beef and over all CHEESE! She goes every where I go (hence the name: Saddie May Ride) from the bank to lunch, horse shows and golf cart rides. She enjoys going out and playing with my horse Blaze who likes her just as much. Saddie is also very vocal at times; she does this funny little howl and she has a inside voice and a loud outside bark when she gets excited. Saddie goes to a lot of ACTHA rides with me, along with horse shows. She always knows that she is going when I bring out her “Show Collar” (a full white diamond collar). In the event she has to be left at home for something she gets mad and goes in the bathroom to get the trash and toilet paper!” By Molly Stanfield Such a cute story and an excellent picture, you can see the mischief! (38 votes)

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