Introducing our newest sponsor…


Welcome Sox for Horses, Inc.! ACTHA’s newest sponsor.
15% -25% Discount on Summer Whinny’s! The Coolest Protective Horse Sox in Town!
Fly proof with antimicrobial, wicking fiber for wonderful cool protection for your horse’s legs! Add some loving insect protection for your mount.

ACTHA thinks they are pure genius! And they are. Sox For Horses, Inc. constantly conduct studies to see how their socks perform when protection is critical in tough situations. Summer Whinnys™ incorporate the most advanced fiber science to bring your horse the highest level of leg protection. Embedded antimicrobial copper and silver ions in the fiber of the yarn inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold in the socks. What started as just a product to ward off flies, is fast becoming the “go to” protection for equine legs. While Summer Whinnys™ don’t heal conditions on the legs; they maintain a clean environment useful for allowing necessary air to reach the skin, while reducing dirt, debris, and bacteria near any pre-existing wounds or sores. When flies are prevented from spreading bacteria from other infected animals to your horse, your veterinarian, good “nursing” and the healthy immune system of your horse can get the healing done.

Protect your horse’s legs all year around with Summer Whinnys, made in America by our good friends, Sox For Horses, Inc. And now ACTHA members can buy as many sets as they want for 15-25% off.

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