This is My Trail Horse, Rebel

My trail horse! By Elizabeth Lawton

Rebel, he came to me from a man I worked for. I rode horses for him and he called me one day because he had too many horses. He came down with this little bay horse unloaded and only charged me $20. I never knew he would be so perfect and end up such a great trail horse. One trail ride I have been on, would be with my boss and boyfriend at Griffin reserve and it was the first time I had ever rode Rebel on a trail ride, and that is how I found out he was such a great trail horse because we had to cross through water and open gates and ride through cows, which some horses spooked at but he just rode like the superstar he is, while my boss’s horse was getting all jumpy. With all of the commotion Rebel just kept on trucking without any sign of spook or discomfort in him……Rebel is just an awesome horse in my opinion and to this day he is the best trail horse I own….also on the trail ride he was the only horse that wasn’t super tired at the end of the day. He went through the water with no hesitation and he was easy to open a gate on, because he side passes like a dream. When it came to the cows that were there he just didn’t pay no mind to them at all. Not to mention I can put a kid on him any time and he is perfectly safe even in a stressful situation. He is not the prettiest horse in the world but he knows how to get the job done and after all he’s been through, which is shocking. When he was brought to me he was half starved and super thin it took a long time to get him up to weight and even longer to get him to trust me now he whinnies every time I walk out the door.

Thank you for sharing your story, Elizabeth! Rebel sounds amazing. Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Rebel will receive a gift from Durvet.

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