This is My Trail Horse: Rocket

My horse, Rocket Lady’s Dream (aka Rocket) is quite the horse. Rocket is a 16.1 hand chestnut dream of a Tennessee Walking horse gelding – and he means the world to me for more than one reason. Here is his story.

I came from a home where owning a horse was not an option. Being a completely horse-obsessed girl, this was difficult. When I was 15 I discovered a local equine-based 4H group where members were not required to own a horse. I was hooked. The club’s leader, Connie Henley, was truly a God-send. She taught me to ride and after a few short classes, decided I was ready for my first horse show. I spent many years and many hours in Connie’s barn riding and showing her horses, as well as a lot of time getting to know Connie. She became my best friend and I hers. We spent countless hours together riding, showing and just talking horses – something a horse crazy kid would kill for!

Several years later, when I was in college pursuing my dream of becoming a veterinarian, Connie became very sick with lung cancer. Being in college, I was not able to see her as much as I would have liked, but I did what I could. Connie was very sick but was determined to ride as it made her so happy. Since she was on portable oxygen and was very weak, her mount had to be a special one. That’s when we found Rocket.

When I went with Connie to look at him the first time I was not impressed. He was very thin, had hair matted to his skin, and was infested with worms. Connie, however, had that special knack of being able to see through all of that to what was underneath. A truly special horse. She decided to buy him.

Over the next several months Connie’s health declined rapidly, but she was able to ride Rocket as he was safe, sane, and smooth. He never disappointed. During her illness, Connie confided in me that once she was gone, she wanted Rocket to be mine. She wanted him to have a home where she knew he would be safe and loved without measure for the rest of his days. I told her that I would do it, although I had never owned a horse of my own before. Then, about a year and a half later, Connie’s cancer took her life.

Rocket is mine now, and has been for about a year. He continues to be a blessing to me every day. We trail ride nearly every weekend when the weather is good and are thinking about trying an ACTHA ride for the first time soon. He is a continued reminder, every day, of a very special woman who changed my life forever.

Thank you for allowing me to share our story.

Tiffany Propst, DVM

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Rocket will receive a gift from Durvet.

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