Charity of the Week: Joy Ranch

Hello, my name is Tucker. I was donated to Joy Ranch, a Christian Home for Children in Woodlawn, Virginia by my kind owner.  She knew I needed a very special job to do.  I’ve gone by “Spots” for years, but the kids at the Ranch renamed me, saying I looked like a “Tucker.”  I am an Appaloosa gelding about 16 years old.  I used to be a show horse, and lived on a farm where I was a pasture mate for younger horses in training.
Though I only came here in the Spring, I was in time for the wonderful Equine Program that took place this summer.  I’m pretty laid back and I try to get along with all the horses.  I’m not the newest guy here; Buddy and General came after I did.  Everyone gets excited when a new horse is adopted.
I’ve been around kids a lot!  I babysit inexperienced riders because I’m so cool at what I do.  With the help of Ms. Brooke, Ms. Glenna, and Ms. Mary, the children at Joy Ranch learned to brush my coat, pick up my feet, and saddle and bridle me.  Except for the occasional backwards bridle and saddle pad, it’s been a pretty good experience.  They say I’m very patient and I teach the children to be patient with themselves and each other.
Though I enjoy the attention from all of the Joy Ranch children, Aaron is my special friend.  We just have a way of understanding each other.  Aaron says I’m a good horse who’s easy to ride, and he trusts me.  I was the first horse he had ever ridden.  He says that riding me makes him feel good about himself.  Aaron and I especially enjoy the trail rides!
I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life here at Joy Ranch.  Whether walking around the riding ring or out on the trail, I enjoy the children of Joy Ranch and hope to make a difference in their lives.  They sure have made a difference in mine.


Glenna H. Cox

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