Members of the Week: Dawn and Charlie Spangler

Introducing this weeks Members of the Week, Dawn and Charlie Spangler! It’s not often we have an exemplary couple to win this honor, so let’s celebrate their dedication and devotion to not only each other, but ACTHA as well…

“Dawn has been an ACTHA member since early on and I am not sure of her Account Number but it is a pretty low number. 🙂 She has traveled all over Texas to attend rides and I want to go on record saying her husband Charlie has been to every single one and drove her to and fro and often volunteers as Judge’s Assistant. While Dawn and Charlie never had children their beloved gelding Hondo has carried Dawn through every ACTHA ride she attended. Now I don’t want to state Dawn’s age but she has some years on most of us and the amount of try and determination she puts forth with the the support and encouragement of Charlie is a special love most of us are in awe of. While Dawn does not do Facebook. She does however have email addresses to every Ride host, Event Host, Seminar held in Texas and you can bet if you want to know when or where one is being held Dawn can tell you! Her friends all love her to death and while she does go into her “training mode” a lil more more often that the rest of us on the trails (snickering) we would not change her for a thing or her big hearted hubby that is always by her side and sitting at the LQ waiting for his beloved to get back off the trails…She has even advanced to Open at her age, and I think has put in more time and training than any of us.”

Congratulations to Dawn and Charlie Spangler of Texas, for being this week’s Members of the Week! Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this weekly event. Molly’s Custom Silver is ACTHA’s official silversmith! 

ACTHA Member of the Week nominations remain anonymous. If you would like to nominate an ACTHA member, Ride Host, judge or volunteer, you may do so by clicking here: . Or, you may send your nomination along with one or two good photos of large size to , or via private message on the Facebook page.

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