What can Sox do for your horse?

The beginning…
Equine Pastern Dermatitis, aka Scratches is one of the most difficult conditions to heal on equine legs.  As summer has progressed this condition not only has reared its ugly head but presented equine owners with a frustrating condition that will often not resolve until long into the winter months.  By the time you have it conquered, a wet, warm, spring and the return of the biting insects, the process of controlling this condition begins again.  
“Scratches” is a term to describe a number of inflammatory leg skin problems that are a combination of bacteria and internal parasite driven conditions.  Bob Brusie, DVM, West Palm Beach Equine Medical Center, explained “Up to 5 years ago, oral Ivermectin was very effective in treating the internal parasites involved, but now the parasites have evolved and built a resistance to this treatment.”  Steve Soule, DVM, West Palm Beach Equine Medical Center describes the condition as “epidemic.” but further went on to explain that “the greatest enemy to healing is the constant re-infection caused by insects and the dirt in the environment. If you can protect the area from the flies and dirt, while allowing the surface of the skin to get air, we can get something done to handle these conditions. Summer Whinnys™ can offer all three of our protection needs.”
After only 5 days with Summer Whinnys™.
Summer Whinnys™ incorporate the most advanced fiber science to bring your equine the highest level of leg protection.  Embedded antimicrobial copper and silver ions in the fiber of the yarn inhibit the grown of bacteria, fungi and mold in the socks.
While Summer Whinnys™ don’t heal conditions on the legs; they maintain a clean environment useful for allowing necessary air to reach the skin, while reducing dirt, debris, and bacteria near any pre-existing wounds or sores.  When flies are prevented from spreading bacteria from other infected animals to your equine, your veterinarian, good “nursing” and the healthy immune system of your horse can get the healing done.
Photos speak 1000 words, but the science of the antimicrobial fiber utilized in Summer Whinnys™ is darned cool stuff. The antimicrobial agent itself is a unique variation of silver element that produces a chemical species known as hydroxyl radicals.  These hydroxyl radicals attack microorganisms along several parallel pathways – simultaneously degrading the cell’s protective biofilm, rupturing the cellular membrane, and disrupting the biological processes within the cell, providing multiple mechanisms of action.  This is how the clean environment around the leg is maintained.
Wicking fibers help keep the surface of the skin dry and a dry environment is an enemy
of fungal issues. Equine Pastern Dermatitis can be further irritated by the UV-light of the sun and Summer Whinnys™ provide a nice double layer of protection from sunlight.
“So far, I’ve had unanimous success in alleviating every problem I’ve applied the socks to.” Steve Soule, DVM, USET Veterinarian, West Palm Beach Equine Medical Center.
Not just for horses, great for any four legged hoofed friend!
Summer Whinnys™ belong in your barn all year around when critical protection may be needed. Wash them again and again without weakening the antimicrobial qualities of the fiber.  If you want, wash your horse and the socks while they are still on the legs and get two jobs done at once.  Moisture activates the copper and silver ions in the fiber so wet socks can simply be left on the legs to dry.

Sox For Horses, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the ACHTA.  They offer our members a 15% -25% discount on their summer or winter protection socks; Whinny Warmersâ, that are made to offer warmth and comfort to the horses that suffer from circulation impairing conditions and arthritis.   They are also active in supporting horse rescue groups so we think they are a good fit with ACHTA. 

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