Old Horses, New Friends – Part 4/4

Barbara Hackney and Lady
A couple hours into the trip, Della’s husband pulled into a rest area to let Bubba out of the trailer, take his blanket and boots off, and let him walk around the rest area and eat fresh grass. In seven months, Bubba was down some four hundred pounds, he had rain rot in the form of painful sores over his body, his hair had no glow and his feet were rotted and in terrible condition. Not even making a stop at the house, Bubba was taken directly to their veterinarian. Bubba’s feet were x-rayed, his teeth floated, and he received shots for worms following a thorough exam. Bubba had nutrition rings indicating colic from where he had been turned out in a pasture of alfalfa following a lifetime of hay and grain. Bubba’s heels had been trimmed to where he walked on his bulbs. The vet had Della’s farrier join her to develop a plan to rebuild Bubba’s hooves. Getting Bubba back turned out to be a rescue mission, and Bubba went through two years of recovery.
Bubba was with Della’s husband in Arizona and the hot dry sandy climate and soil were exactly what Bubba needed. The Texas farrier worked with an Arizona farrier to coordinate the plan to make feet for him. The horse could barely walk. The ride home had to have been extremely painful, but that horse was so happy to be back with his family, he must had just endured the pain knowing he would end up back in his old pasture. Bubba’s road to recovery included silicone hooves, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and the warm dry Arizona climate healed his rotten feet and skin.
When Della returned from Iraq she took Bubba back to Texas. Della and Bubba went right back into the show pen and had a successful show career, usually winning high point at most horse shows they went to. In 2006, Della deployed to Iraq for 15 months. When she returned this time from Iraq, she took a lengthy rest from the show pen and started doing ACTHA CTCs. She and Bubba enjoy the trail rides so much; she decided not to go back to the show pen. Bubba, now a 23 year old still ambles along the trails and has not slowed down at all. He rules the pasture no matter how big Della’s other horse is. 
It is very important to take care of our horses at any age. Like with anything, the better you care for it, the longer it will last. Older horses still have lots of miles left in them, and many make a perfect mount for riders of all ages. ACTHA CTCs and AOCs are perfect outlets to ride an older horse for fun and exercise and to meet great people like Barbara and Diana, and their older horses.
This is last of the Four Part series story. Check in next week for a new member story! We welcome all members’ stories! Everyone has a special story to share about their horses and experiences.
We would love to hear yours! Each published submission will receive a hat from TechNiche Cooling Products (while supplies last)! You can send stories to Debbie@actha.us. Please also include a couple of good quality photos!

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