This is My Trail Horse: Johnny B Good

Becky Pearman Photohraphy

Johnny B Good, Rocky Mountain Horse 
By Laura Hark-Plumley

Johnny B Good and I currently rank 3rd in the nation in Open, I am over run with joy! Johnny and I are new to each other as I just purchased him the end of March 2013, he no prior experience with ACTHA or any type of obstacle competition. His breeder had introduced obstacles on her farm with him when he was younger, that had been several years ago though. When I tried Johnny out I knew, he was the future ACTHA horse I had been looking for(I had already tried out other Rocky Mountains at other farms and knew after 5 minutes in the saddle, they were not what I was wanting). When we are not competing I ride on trails near my farm with my dogs. I also haul and ride with friends or have friends come here and we all ride. Johnny just needs 6 more points for his bronze medal, I am hoping we can earn that before winter. Johnny truly enjoys the challenge of the obstacles at the competitions. I have had Johnny to 7 ACTHA rides since May, placing at everyone and winning first place at 4 of them. One was a tie and due to my entry number being second to the person I tied with, we are marked as a second place or we would have even more points!

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Johnny B Good will receive a gift from Durvet.

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