Charity of the Week: Rainer Equine Hoof Recovery Center

The Story of Hank and the Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center

“Urgent! Please help this horse” was the subject of an email about Hank.  A lame 6 year old gelding slated to be euthanized that day!
Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center was established to recover all breeds of horses, donkeys and mules back to a life of soundness.
We rushed to Hank’s pasture to find the big gelding lying in the sun.  Waves of thick red mane fell against his copper body as he stoically heaved himself up onto his painful feet.
Hank’s sweet nature was evident even as he rocked on the thick screw-filled plastic pads nailed onto his hooves and encased in globs of dried glue.  His ligaments strained visibly as he tried to steady himself on the domed pads.  He’d been diagnosed by the person who attached those “corrective” shoes to his hooves as “navicular.” 
No vet consultation or x-rays films obtained to validate this (unsubstantiated) condition.  The handsome young horse was deemed unsalvageable.  The corrective shoes – failed.  The renderer’s truck was in route. 
After meeting Hank on that emotional day, we embarked on a journey to help those horses slated daily for pick up by the rendering truck.
For decades, horses have fallen victim to myths and misinformation about hoof care and the illogical explanations of vaguely understood hoof conditions.
Since we were in the business of rescuing, we started the application process for state and federal recognition as a 501c3 non-profit.  Numerous phone calls, faxes and fees led to official certification in early 2009.
Our goals at the REHRC aren’t limited to horse and hoof rehabilitation though.  Time is spent researching causes of hoof failure and establishing preventative measures.  Learning from unsound horses, and cadaver hooves, we are correcting some elusive hoof soundness conundrums. 
We work to educate horse owners individually and offer free community workshops. We offer hoof trimming clinics at our facility, remote facilities, in other states, and outside of the US.
To raise funds for feed and health care for our equine residents, we had help publishing a professionally filmed/edited DVD.  “Discovering Your Horse’s Natural Hooves – How to Trim the Barefoot Horse.   Our highly-acclaimed DVD has shipped all over the US and many other countries. DVD sales support our programs and horses while liberating hundreds of horse owners from frustrating traditional hoof care approaches.  Still it’s not enough.
We receive frequent requests to permanently accept lame horses.  Unfortunately, our budget scarcely supports our current horses and few excellent homes are available to take rehabbed horses. 
Hank was one of the lucky few lame horses who missed his ride on the renderer’s truck.  He’s a long term REHRC resident and can be seen in our DVD running in front of a group of horses.  Hank’s story became just one of many similar stories that followed.
Just as Hank needed us that fateful day, we need your help to help our horses.
For more information on Hank and many other REHRC horses, our DVD, clinics, workshops and donations page, please visit our website:

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