Member of the Week: Kathy Covert

Introducing this week’s Member of the Week, Kathy Covert of Arizona!

“Kathy has 3 horses, Jordache, Wa-Jee, and Ryha. Jordache is full Arabian, 24 years young, she was Kathy’s first horse. Wa-Jee is 9 years, Arabian and Saddleback, and Ryha is approximately 7 years, she acquired Rhya just over a year ago after she was basically abandoned while boarding at Kathy’s. Rhya was so thin we thought she was going to fall over. After months of food, love and care Rhya is a big beautiful well adjusted horse. Kathy uses her horses to teach children and adults, like me to ride. I have been riding Jordache for 3 years now. Jordache is my horse and Kathy is very happy that I am so in love with Jordache. Kathy is what the horse riders here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona call “A Horse Whisperer.”

Congratulations to Kathy Covert of Arizona, for being this week’s Member of the Week! Many thanks to Molly’s Custom Silver for sponsoring this weekly event. Molly’s Custom Silver is ACTHA’s official silversmith!

ACTHA Member of the Week nominations remain anonymous. If you would like to nominate an ACTHA member, Ride Host, judge or volunteer, you may do so by clicking here: Or, you may send your nomination along with one or two good photos of large size to .

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