ACTHA and the Hose Boy Foundation

ACTHA’S Featured Charity

Horse Boy Foundation
Horses Help Autistic Children to Communicate

The Horse Boy Method, autism specific therapeutic techniques, using horses to address sensory issues and promote direct communication. Rupert Isaacson, author of the international bestseller ‘The Horse Boy’ and producer of the highly acclaimed movie of the same title, has now made available the techniques that helped his son Rowan to speak and communicate directly with the exterior world. The techniques honed over seven years can be learned by anyone with a horse back ground. The techniques include how to ride with the child at walk, trot and canter in a way that promotes direct communication; sensory work; academics on horseback; trick work (again fantastic for communication); teaching through play; creating the best equine environment for autistic children and the use of collected movements, and long lining.
Rupert Isaacson and his team have been giving two day trainings and one day demos all over North America and Europe during this past year. We are now working closely with Riding for the Disabled (RDA) in the UK and the team is doing an increasing number of trainings at NAHRA and CANTRA affiliated centers in North America.
Rupert Isaacson and his team also offer two days trainings at the New Trails Center in Elgin, near Austin Texas, where the original Horse Boy story began, using Betsy, the horse that famously taught Isaacson’s three year old son Rowan to speak, as well as other horses fully trained in Horse Boy Method.
To come to Texas for a training or to book a training or demo at your barn, please contact Iliane Lorenz at

My name is Rupert Isaacson and I am the founder and director of the Horse Boy Foundation – a Central Texas and National charity devoted to helping autism families through horses. We are located in Elgin, just east of Austin, and we need volunteers. You can learn more about us at .
We need you. Trail riders, especially! Come help us build fence or just play with the kids in between riding time! WE DO NOT CHARGE LOCAL FAMILIES to benefit from our services, so we need as much community volunteer, labor and fund raising we can get!
We have seen first hand the heart of ACTHA; please help us, call or write.          

Rupert Isaacson


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