This is My Trail Horse: Sassy

Just over a year ago, I was in the market for a trail horse after my horse for seven years was stolen.  My new husband decided he wanted Sassy, the quarter horse my best friend was selling us, so I was on the hunt for another horse for me.  I found a lovely paint gelding and watched a young teen riding the horse.  When I mounted him, the horse stood calmly for a few moments and then without warning, flung himself backward on top of me, breaking my left leg and ankle, and giving me a severe concussion.  We later found out the horse did that if he didn’t want to be ridden and he hurt several other people as well.

I have ridden my entire life and never had a horse purposely hurt me.  After my cast was off and I was able to ride again, I started riding Sassy, but I was so nervous I made her nervous too.  The moment I was in the saddle I would start having panic attacks that she would do something to hurt me.  She was patient and I worked with her and the trainer over several months and slowly got my confidence back.   After a long snowy winter with very little riding, I started riding Sassy again this spring and my nervousness was gone. She and I have covered a lot of trail miles this year from easy to very challenging and we have participated in some obstacle courses as well.  Sassy and I have developed a close trusting bond and without her I may have completely given up riding.  My husband hasn’t ridden since I got hurt but soon he will start riding Sassy again.  I feel a lot more confident in finding another horse but hope to find one as level headed and patient as Sassy has been!
Sassy, by Lisa Clute

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