In Memorium of R. Petermann

This is just a small tribute to a big man, “R” Petermann, who loved his horse and everyone else’s as well, who loved nature and all its creatures. This is what made judging competitive trail riding a perfect venue for him. He was the judge you looked forward to meeting on the trail. Always quick with a smile and an encouraging word. He loved being a part of the adventure, and its horses and people. Thanks judge “R” for letting us be a part of yours.

“R” started judging for ACTHA at its very first Arizona Ride in Flagstaff Arizona until his last adventure judging at the Wilder’s Little Thumb Butte, back to back CTCs and AOC in Chino Valley, Arizona, on Memorial Day weekend 2013. Just about 40 rides in all.

“R” lost his battle with cancer at his home September 4, 2013.

Good bye For Now to a great judge and a wonderful friend to horses and people alike.

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