My ACTHA Story: Debbie Sempter

Debbie and Diva
ACTHA has had a profound effect on my life. 
When my best friend developed crippling arthritis I was forced to either make new riding friends or sell my horses and I wasn’t ready to give up my horses yet.
It was during this time that I heard about ACTHA and  went to my first ACTHA ride in the summer of 2010.  At the ride I made some wonderful new horse friends.  We traveled all over Louisiana and Mississippi competing in ACTHA rides. 
Next I started taking lessons to improve my riding skills and my horses’ obstacle skills and we made more friends. 
My horse Scout received his bronze award in the 2012 season.  I was so proud of him.  And this year I have started my new horse Diva on her road to her bronze.  In fact we are off to an AOC tomorrow in Texas and I will get to see all my wonderful Texas friends.
The best gift of all that ACTHA gave me is that whenever I feel like riding I just go out and saddle up and work on obstacles.  It really has strengthened my bond with my horses and I can do it with friends or by myself.
Thank you ACTHA! I will be a loyal member for as long as I can climb into my saddle.

Debbie Sempter
Scout and Diva
Debbie and Scout

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