This is My Trailhorse: Jordache

Hey.. I want to tell you about Jordache, She is a 24 years young full Polish Arabian. Jordache has been riding the trails here in Lake Havasu’s Donkey Acres for over 18 years. I am 60 years old and just started riding 4 years ago. I ride alone, a lot, just Jordache and I, out enjoying all the beauty Mother Nature has to share. I started riding Jordache nearly 4 years ago. Jordache’s owner is my cousin Katherine Covert. Kathy has learned over the last 2 years, that Jordache and I have bonded closer then she or I would of ever expected. Kathy has given me full reins on Jordache. I spend nearly every morning up caring for and grooming Jordache.  Jordache can be a hand full at times. When Jordache wants to turn and go home while we’re riding, I have to turn her, stop her and then turn her back. We so enjoy our one on one time together out in the mountains, washes and desert. Jordache and I have experienced the unexpected while riding, like snakes, coyotes, and off road vehicles. Jordache never spooks. I share with her, my time and secrets, and love to sing to her, “You are my Sunshine” and “Don’t fence me in”. The family says Jordache is a good horse, because they have heard me sing…lol  Jordache used to compete in many rodeos, she has several ribbons for Barrel Races. She has retired from the rodeos and I just bought her a very nice light weight English saddle so her and I can enjoy our senior years in comfort. Thanks for letting me share my story about my best friend Jordache. – Sara G.

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”. Jordache will receive a gift from Durvet. Share your “This is My Trailhorse” story with ACTHA by leaving your story with a photo in the private message box of the ACTHA Facebook page or by emailing

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