Charity of the Week: Humane Society of Jackson Co. OH

A sick, hurt, cold, wet and very 
underweight Jasmine being removed from owner. 
December 2012.

In December of 2012, this was Jasmine.  She was sick, cold, wet, hurt and hungry horse standing in the middle of a country road in the poring rain and snow with four other cold, wet and hungry horses.  Jasmine and her friends had a neglectful owner. This was not a new feeling for Jasmine.  She was emaciated. Jasmine’s every rib was visible, hipbones protruding and eyes sunken. Jasmine’s owner was convicted of animal cruelty in a nearby county three years ago and ever since has been moving from county to county-keeping neighbors upset, humane societies vigilant and local law enforcement busy. Jasmine was a horse of concern for many people for several years.

Jasmine two months after removal.  
Wounds healed, no longer sick, and gaining weight. 
This was her first day at her new home. February 2013.

In November of 2012, Jasmine’s nomadic owner happened to move near a watchful horse lover named Billie.  Billie made several complaints, until finally the Humane Society of Jackson County’s Humane Agent had enough evidence to constitute removal of   But removal would not be easy.  The Humane Society of Jackson County had no place to take Jasmine or her friends and was not certain that enough funds would be available to afford to provide necessary vet care, shelter, grain and hay, which was scarce and costly, while her owner awaited prosecution. Thankfully, Billie offered to foster the horses and they were removed from the snowy road and taken to dry shelter and wholesome food. 

Jasmine and her loving owner, Jackie. 
August, 2013.  Jasmine has a hay belly!

No one knew if Jasmine’s deep wounds along her spine would be able to heal or if she could recover from her illness and endure the cold with no body fat.  Ever day, Billie delivered exceptional care to Jasmine. Billie had to blanket Jasmine and her equine friend, Star, to help them fend off the cold.  Star also had a leg injury, since her owner kept barrel racing her despite a vet’s warning to no longer ride her. Star had to have pain medication and warmth to help her walk and not suffer while a decision about her fate was made in court.

Jasmine has not wanted for food, water, shelter, medical care or love after that cold night last December. Jasmine was adopted by a sweet family and is now a priority and beloved friend. Jasmine has a young friend named Jackie and Jackie loves to brush, hug and watch Jasmine munch on grass.  Jackie also loves to take pictures of Jasmine and even has a scrapbook chronicling Jasmine’s life as a happy and content horse.

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