This is My Trailhorse: Cotton Pickin Blue, aka Bluebell

Hi, my name is Deb Carnes and about 3 years ago I fell in love with the man of my dreams!  He was just a green broke high spirited fellow.  My uncle, who I can accredit all my knowledge, love and passion for horses to  said “You know that little mare of yours is too big to ride, take the little blue roan and see what you can do with him.”  That was it, my Uncle Hank knew what he was doing.  I was in love!  Needless to say he never went back to my uncle’s house.  After careful negotiating, we purchased the blue roan named Cotton Pickin Blue.
Well me and this boy have climbed some mountains in our short career together.  We have both overcome our stubborn streaks on certain days.  We have climbed hills in West Texas together, ravines and valleys in East Texas, swam in rivers and lakes.  Suffered long separation after I had to have 2 shoulder surgeries last year and a couple of injuries.  He has tolerated everything I can throw at him, and trust me I come up with some doozies.  Everyday he wakes up and probably says, ‘what has that crazy woman built in my pasture today!?’  
But most of all he is my friend.  He knows I will lead him down the trail safely and I know he will carry me down the trail safely.  I have a three year old granddaughter and she loves to ride Blue, and this horse carries that baby anywhere she wants him to go!  We have even done the charity events for handicap children.  It amazes me that this horse knows that these are children with special needs!  It reflects in his every action while they are on his back. Every time I look into this horse’s eyes I see a beautiful soul, and I am amazed at the accomplishments this fellow and I have made together in just 3 years.
Our latest venture is ACTHA,  and we sure have had some fun doing it.  We don’t always place but we are both new to this style of riding and excitement, and loving every minute.  I now make every event possible!  Why? Because there is nothing better than riding a fine horse through new country and the friends and fellowships we have made is beautiful! 
This may not be a loving rescue story but this is our love story and I know in my heart that I have found that special relationship all the big trainers talk about.  I have found my forever horse.  After all isn’t that what it is all about!  I look forward to maturing and spending my golden year on this handsome, trustworthy fellow!  Love ya Bluebell and you too Uncle Hank!

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”. Bluebell will receive a gift from Durvet. Share your “This is My Trailhorse” story with ACTHA by leaving your story with a photo in the private message box of the ACTHA Facebook page or by emailing 

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