Charity of the Week: WHY Ranch

By Amy Meyer
It all started with a vision that began a great adventure in my life. I had dedicated 12 years of my life to take care of my Grandparents and Aunt. When the last of my relatives in Las Vegas, my Grandmother, went home to be with the Lord in 2005, I began to pray for God to reveal His purpose for my life.
After hearing the Testimonies of Kim & Troy Meeder about Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, OR, I knew the calling on my life. The Calling? To reach out and positively change the lives of Socially-Challenged youth and their families in Las Vegas. Kinda Cool, huh?

Like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid standing on the edge of the cliff getting ready to jump into the unknown, I entrusted my life to God, made a choice, took a step and surrendered to a journey ahead. Now, I could fill you in on each and every little thing that’s transpired since that fateful day when I realized the calling on my life. But, you can read it ALL for yourself on .

First, let me share some exciting news… WHY Ranch is bringing the Celebration to the Nation as we launch our powerful, gripping and sometimes funny Documentary Fall 2013. I want you to be the first to see it. So, keep visiting for details.

Come, now. Skip down the path with me to present day.

Eight years in the making… to now CELEBRATE FIVE Incredible Years of the WHY Ranch ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ Equestrian Education program!! We have successfully & positively changed the lives of 35 Socially Challenged youth, their families, their school situations and our Community. I can’t help but SHOUT about the Stories of these courageous kids. They Made a Choice. Took a Step. Followed Through.

The kids who join our program, such as Angela, learn to proactively handle adversity they may face when being bullied, judged, made fun of or encouraged to “go along with the group.” Angela came to WHY Ranch a year and a half ago. Her parents were distraught over Angela’s “friends” encouraging her to end her life. Watching Angela today, you’d never guess that she actually entertained the thought of ending her life. You’ll see a smiling, confident young woman ready to face her next adventure.

The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever been given is when a mother, and especially a father, come to me with tear-filled eyes expressing, “Thanks for giving me back my kid.”

My Secret? Y’all, I’m not doing anything special that anyone of you couldn’t do. I’ve simply Trusted God. Made a Choice. Took a Step and Followed Through. I didn’t embark upon this adventure alone. I’ve surrounded myself with amazing people who have a Passion for Horses and making a positive impact in the lives of youth who are falling through the cracks and simply need a ‘Leg Up.’

Now, I know that many of you are asking, “why is WHY Ranch so small? Why does WHY Ranch operate out of Host Stables?” Well, all I can say is that WHY Ranch is a ‘Grassroots’ organization. We’ve started small and have experienced steady growth through the years. We’re very grateful to our partner ranches and stables that opened their facilities to assist us while we grow. However, Our Goal is to have our own property to serve more kids every day of the week. However, we can’t do it alone. I’m going to be BOLD here. You are our Community. The very community WHY Ranch is changing every year. One Child at a time. WHY Ranch Cannot Survive without Your Financial Support. ALL donations go directly to our program unless otherwise stated. I pray that through reading our article, your heart has been touched, softened and open to starting a monthly sponsorship or one time donation.

Make a Choice to support WHY Ranch. Take a Step and visit . Follow through by supporting WHY Ranch with a Monthly Sponsorship.

Thank You for Positively Impacting on our Community, One Child at a time.

Be Blessed & Stay Groovy!

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