This is My Trailhorse: Little Miss Thundercloud

This is my Trail Horse… By Val Delana
I first set eyes on Little Miss Thundercloud as she came cantering out of the woods near Athens, TX, with her two mule running buddies.  So very black with that perfect white star and one of the prettiest TN Walking Horse canters I had ever seen, it was love at first sight.  Well, it was for me that is, Missy had other ideas.  Wild as a March hare since she had very little handling in her first year of life, she turned tail and ran away.
We soon coaxed her into a pen and then our little stock trailer, and set off for home so I could begin bonding with her.  Again, she had other ideas.  We opened the trailer door when we got home and she took off across a 20 Acre pasture at a full gallop.  Hmmmm……how was I going to bond if she was not willing?
18 years later and Missy and I have been through so much together.  She became my first Parelli Natural Horsemanship partner and we worked through to Level 2.  That established the bond that I had so dreamed of that first day.  We have covered hundreds of miles of trails in 7 states and we trust each other every step of the way.  In 2011, after competing in ACTHA for less than a year, we tried out for America’s Favorite Trail Horse and become 1 of the 100 horse/rider teams to go on to the finals.  What a fabulous experience that was!

Missy has achieved her Bronze Medal with ACTHA and while she was doing that, she continued showing on a State level and competing successfully in the Trail Obstacle classes.  She often gives ‘test rides’ at the ACTHA events because so many folks here in Texas have never experienced the 3 gaits of the TN Walking Horse.  She can do them all and you can carry a glass of wine while she does them. 

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Little Miss Thundercloud will receive a gift from Durvet. Share your “This is My Trailhorse” story with ACTHA Facebook by leaving your story with a photo in the private message box of the ACTHA Facebook page or by emailing

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