Colic Prevention Tips

A Tip for Preventing Colic in Horses:

Management can play a key role in preventing colic so look for some common sense tips coming your way from your sponsors of Equine GutFlush. We’d rather prevent any abdominal pain in horses, so here is tip one:

Hay is best fed free-choice, good clean hay. If the hay is even a little bit moldy or dusty, it can affect and hurt the horses lungs and impair their breathing ability thereafter.

Hay should supply half of the horse’s feeding program if not more. When feeding grain try to break it into two or more feeding’s vs. one large meal. You don’t want to overload the horse’s digestive system. As this can cause abdominal pain and digestive problem’s as well.

* Rule of thumb: More hay (roughage) less concentrates (grain). Plus, I always like to add a little water (warm water in the winter time) in the feed to make it more palatable too.

Happy Trails, Pam

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