1,000 Rides – $1 Million Dollars – In ONE Month

Throughout the month of March! 
Riders – Ride Hosts – Sponsors – Horses 
Working Together for One Vision

What Are We Doing – ACTHA, with a lot of help from you and industry partners is working to hold 1,000 Rides, $1,000,000 in one month. We’re looking to bring a national awareness about the benefits of therapeutic horse programs, brought to us by Path International for over 40 years and the over 850 professional centers and over 4200 instructors to mainstream America – to the non horse community as well as to all corners and disciplines of the horse world. More than 7,400 Path, Intl members help 56,000 children and adults with physical, mental and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse each year.

It’ll take a village to accomplish this monumental effort, we’re in need of event hosts, volunteers, riders, and sponsors to make the dream a reality. We’re asking everyone, near and far, to help spread the word by using your professional and personal network of friends and business contacts to give recognition to this national effort. Chances are good that there’s a local Path Intl center in your hometown, and everyone has a friend or family member that could benefit from the many activities they offer. So please, tell your friends, post it everywhere on social media, use all your resources to spread the word… We need your help to make it happen!
There are many ways to get involved – Help where you can!
SPONSORS – Some wonderful sponsors have been serving PATH INTL. for years. They can’t do it alone, as great as they are. Join us and them! Already ACTHA partners are stepping up to help promote the event, some are providing prizes, others are providing networking and publicity. We’re asking everyone in the equine industry to do what they can to help make the dream a reality for PATH International and thier community Centers. There’s no effort that is too small or unappreciated to help with this undertaking. There’s one in your hometown and everyone has a friend or family member that could benefit from the many activities they offer. For so many, it’s personal, and it’s good for all of us. And there’s even a hidden bonus! Our noble friend, the horse is also being served with great proud jobs. Over 8,000 of them currently.
RIDERS – Visit our Events page and find a Trail Challenge or an Arena Obstacle Challenge near you and join in on the fun. You’ll enjoy the day, help your local therapeutic riding center, and help with ACTHA’s mission of putting horses back to work. Remember, you don’t have to be a member in order to ride! Check out the calendar (www.actha.us/events), find a ride, find a friend, and we’ll see you both there!
News flash! This just in…Cavallo has pledged $15 per rider donation for the first 500 riders to sign up for PATH INTL event that agree to show up sporting their Cavallo Boots! This $7,500 will be contributed to PATH INTL in all your names by Cavallo. In addition anyone associated with the rides, whether as a rider, volunteer, judge, contributor etc. will recieve a 25% discount on anything in Cavallo’s store from NOW UNTIL THE LAST RIDE OR 3/31/14!
EVENT HOSTS: Consider hosting an event. Hosts across the country are stepping up to hold events in support of the Shamrock Path 2014 effort. Whether it’s one of our Arena Obstacle Challenges, held in any arena, ring or field, or our Competitive Trail Challenge, over a 6 mile course, we’ve got the resources to help you bring riders, volunteers and prizes to your event. We provide the liability insurance, and you are given personal assistance by one of our dedicated Ride Coordinators. If you can host a party, you can host an ACTHA event! We provide you with all the resources, special prize boxes, training, and knowledge gained by putting on almost 2,000 events just like yours. You provide the local boots on the ground, a few volunteers and some time planning and organizing. You’ll need a location to hold your event, on public or private land, and a place to park 15-25 trailers. To learn more about the benefits of hosting an event, click (www.actha.us/hostaride) or email robin@actha.us
This is much bigger than any one organization and we are honored to be the conduit to a greater awareness of Path International and YOUR LOCAL CENTERS. We’d love to talk to you in more depth about what we’re up to and how YOU can be involved.

Email – Robin@actha.us or call at 434-989-1437.

There are so many ways you can help –
Sponsor. If you can’t sponsor, Host. If you can’t Host, Ride. If you can’t Ride, Volunteer…. Just get involved!

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