Trek Hoof Boot Review

In the equine world, there is nothing more fashionable than a product which greatly benefits the horse, its health, safety and well-being.  That being the case, there is absolutely nothing more fashionable these days than the new Cavallo Trek Boot for horses.

Designed to be used by barefoot horses while on the trail, the new product boasts a tremendous upgrade to the boot’s closure system.  We love the new single sturdy and replaceable velcro strap.  Each package of new boots comes with a free replacement, ensuring a long time of wear, additional replacements can be ordered at any time.  The new closure requires no ‘keeper’ to hold the strap securely in place.  The industrial strength velcro is mighty, and with a little clean-up after each ride, brushing or hosing any debris or dirt away, the quality closure is sure to last a long time.

Another bonus to the new closure system is that it is possible to snugly fit any variation of hoof size, providing a sense of security while on the trail in muddy or rugged terrain.  That being said, it is crucial to properly fit each horse so that the best sole size and shape accommodates each hoof.  This is true with any hoof boot.  With a proper fit, one can expect Cavallo Hoof Boots to remain securely in place throughout even the longest ride.

The boot’s upper matierial is made of Ultra flexible Pro Mesh and is molded to the shape of the hoof.  This new material is simply fantastic.  It has a slightly rubbery feel to it, and seems to fit in a more tidy fashion around the horse’s hoof, not appearing so much like a pair of clunky tennis shoes.  The look is tidy and the fit is great.  The upper material is highly flexible, moving with the horse’s step, reach and flexion.  At the same time, the material is extremely sturdy and durable, naturally springing back into shape around the horse’s hoof, providing a clean, comfortable look.  The material seems quite forgiving, providing support and freedom of movement simutaneously.  Just like the velcro closure, it is easy to clean with a brush or hose, and simply air dry after each ride to increase the longevity of your boot.

Other great features include the ability to use the boot on either foot, right or left.  The boots are sold singly, so if one needs to purchase only one it can be done so with ease.  Purchasing the boots singly also benefits the cases where one hoof may require a different size or shape than the other.

The new Trek Boot takes advantage of the tried and true, well known soles of the Simple and Sport Hoof Boots.  In the past, those preferring to boot all the way around have frequently had to wear two different styles of boots, Simple on the front and Sport on the rears.  Now with the new Trek Boot, one may purchase the Trek Regular (for the more rounded/square shaped hooves) for the front, and Trek Slim (for the narrower hoof) on the rear hooves.  Not that all horses require this type of fitting, but for those who do, having the Trek on all four hooves is a great alternative that just looks smart!

In conclusion, we can enthusiastically state we LOVE the new Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot and recommend it highly to everyone.  The benefits are almost too numerous to list in an article, but the bottom line is you can trust Cavallo Hoof Boots to provide optimal protection and comfort in any terrain for the barefoot horse.  Review the many benefits and uses for yourself listed on their website:

By Laurie Harris, Baron Fork Ridge Horse Camp, Arkansas
Laurie has used Cavallo boots for her horses exclusively for over 6 years.

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