Women Entrepreneurs of the Equine Industry: Molly Rush

From Newspaper Girl to Nationally Renowned Silversmith Shoppe

Molly in 1969 with Moonglow, a childhood horse
Molly in 1969 with Moonglow

Molly has never been the type of individual to allow standards to get in her way. At age 12, in a world where it wasn’t typical to see girls working as ‘paper boys’, Molly worked throwing newspapers before and after school. She set out to increase her customers by 100 in order to achieve one ambitious goal: buying her own horse, her first horse, with her own money. She did just that. And so began an incredible journey of determination and, as Molly calls it, “The start of building my skills”.

A few years ago, Molly’s local riding club asked members what they wanted for year end awards. The answer was easy for Molly, “I want a buckle!” But the club said they couldn’t afford it. Molly wanted that buckle, and she knew other riders would feel as strongly about it as she, so she started her business, Molly’s Custom Silver, with the objective of providing quality buckles real people can afford. The rest is history.

“Just like that 12 year old girl on her paper route, Molly set out to achieve an ambitious goal, and did just that.”

The Horsewoman Behind the Silver

Molly and Katie

Molly bought her first horse at age 12 with money she earned herself throwing newspapers. She bought an untrained 2 year old Quarter Horse for $200 dollars. Not having the funds to hire professional training, Molly set out to train her new horse on her own. “The first time that horse went home without me, my mother panicked and searched for me. After that time she just told everyoneMolly and her Haflinger Team

“Don’t worry, Babe is here and Molly will soon be home.” Walking home after getting thrown a few times was the start of building my skills. Maybe not the best way, but it worked,” states Molly.

Since the days of her first horse, Molly has owned several different breeds of horses, riding both Western and English. She also has learned from IMG_9159many great trainers. “I greatly value the lessons I learned while riding hunt seat and dressage using those skills in my western riding and carriage driving. I have a great respect for what we can learn from other disciplines, it is all related because no matter what breed or style you choose they are still horses and they still operate basically the same way, mechanically and mentally,” Molly stated. In 2009, Molly and her buckskin mare, Katie, qualified for the World Championships for the EXCA – Extreme Cowboy Race.

sheriff air support helicopter MollyMolly also had an interesting career joining the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy when she was 21 years old. Through her 28 years of law enforcement experience, she performed an array of duties including becoming the 6th female officer to patrol in a department of 2,500 deputies. “It was just part of history as women were not accepted so easily, to say the least, but it all worked out,” tells Molly. Her other assignments included under-cover operations, Narcotics operations, Piloting the Department Helicopter and also performing special Mounted Patrol Operations.

Molly is not afraid to try new things!

Molly has gone from the simple childhood dream of riding a horse, to becoming a law enforcement officer and today an entrepreneur. Molly’s buckles are manufactured for nearly any budget. She can create buckles with a huge variety of themes by adding figures for all equine disciplines and sports. In addition to horses, figures for just about anything else can be used; fishing, hunting, livestock, dogs, wildlife, sports, shooting, shotguns, pistols, badges, mounted officers, golf and even bowling.

Molly states, “If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask. We are always pleased to be a part of making silver products as individual, unique and creative as possible.”

Molly and Katie Take the Blue in Open

Molly and Katie taking the Blue in Open

Molly and her buckskin pint mare, Katie, competed in an ACTHA ride a few weeks ago in Riverside, California. The team took a Blue Ribbon in Open at the Murray Ranch where the ride was held. Congratulations to Molly and Katie!

Molly’s Custom Silver, the Official Silversmith of ACTHA
Stunning Craftsmanship, ~ Built for Champions

mollyVisit Molly’s website today, you can only be more impressed by seeing Molly’s buckles and silver products in person. In keeping with Molly’s original objective, you can be assured of finding products to suit every budget.  Molly’s online store is full of a great selection of stock items which are ready for delivery today!  Be sure and have a look at the line of THREE PIECE BUCKLE SETS.  Don’t wear just any buckle, wear one that speaks to your personal style, and get a pair of matching conchos to go with it, too.  See online >> 

It’s the perfect time to work with Molly on designing your own personal buckle to keep or give away. Design it now to have ready in time for Christmas. Heirloom quality products uniquely personalized.

Order online >>
See a sample from sketch to buckle >>

Order now and receive your custom silver products in time for Christmas!  Be sure and tell Molly that ACTHA sent you!

Portions of this article were obtained from an article originally published by Roger Edison

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