USRider Nationwide Roadside Assistance for Equestrians

Being stranded during cold or inclement weather is not only uncomfortable, but can be life threatening. Family or friends may be hundreds of miles away. Who can you call day or night if you break down?

No matter where the road leads, USRider is there for you
No matter where the road leads, USRider is there for you

USRider Members travel safely with their horses all over the United States and Canada with no fear of what can happen in the event of a break down. Day or night, in any weather. Members can rely on fast, efficient service from highly trained USRider Member Care Specialists.

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USRider Roadside Assistance is a complete service, the only plan you will need whether you are hauling or not

Complete Roadside Assistance: With or Without your Trailer.
USRider provides service and assistance for almost any situation you can experience on the road. And USRider covers any vehicle you are in – whether as a driver or passenger, even when you are not towing a horse trailer. USRider is there for you.

You may already have roadside assistance coverage, but other motor plans will do nothing for your horse.

With USRider emergency road service, both you and your horse are covered 24/7

At USRider, we cover you, your truck, trailer, car, AND your horse. Any time, day or night, we will tow your vehicle PLUS find secure and reliable care for your horse.

USRider Roadside Assistance is a complete service, the only plan you will need whether you are hauling or not >>

Get the most complete service for you and your horse for about $10 per month>>

A full year of Membership is available for just over $10 a month. Join today and receive two months FREE >>

USRider benefits include:
FREE towing of your vehicle and/or trailer for up to 100 miles
FREE emergency roadside repair (up to $200 per incident)
FREE emergency lodging and stabling referrals
FREE emergency trip interruption veterinary location services
FREE coverage of any vehicle you are in—driver or passenger
FREE $5,000 theft reward for tow vehicle and trailer
FREE delivery of emergency gas (Member pays for gas)
FREE discounts from nationally recognized equestrian retailers
Note: new memberships include a one time set-up fee of $29.00

usrider-gift2Getting you, or your loved ones, back on the road safely is Job One
USRider has a network of more than 100,000 service professionals to make sure you reach your destination safely. Plus, we have an extensive database of emergency stables, veterinarians, farriers and more. Typical motor plans are not able to handle breakdowns involving heavy–duty tow vehicles, horse trailers and horses. USRider is the indispensable service you need when you are on the road with your horse.

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USRider logoUSRider Equestrian Motor Plan
Nationwide Trailering Assistance (800) 844-1409
Blue Ribbon Performance
The USRider® motor plan outperforms other roadside assistance plans by also covering non-commercial Horse vans, tow vehicles and trailers carrying Horses. Your roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are not traveling with your Horses. No matter what vehicle you are traveling in even if you are not driving…

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