Virginia Horse Council and ACTHA Announce New Joint Initiative

The Virginia Horse Council and the American Competitive Trail Horse Association have announced a new joint initiative to promote trail riding and all horses in Virginia.  In the first of what is hoped to be many partnerships, ACTHA has partnered with the Virginia Horse Council to help encourage all Virginia horsemen and horsewomen to join and be active in their respective horse organizations.  In a show of support for the Virginia Horse Council, its mission and to enhance benefits of Virginia Horse Council’s membership ACTHA is offering complimentary memberships during VHC’s annual membership drive.

Any Virginia Horse Council member who has renewed or joins prior to 2/28/15 who is not a member of ACTHA will receive a free 30 day trial membership to ACTHA, which upon activation will allow VHC members to enjoy lower ride entry fees, access to member only discounts, and sponsor sale promotions.

The Virginia Horse Council works to promote and improve the horse industry in Virginia and serves as a unified voice of the Virginia equine community on issues affecting horsemen, horsewomen and horses in the Commonwealth and to promote equine growth and preservation of equestrian trails and facilities.

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association works to provide a venue for the trail rider to participate in the sport of casual voluntary competitive trail riding, giving participants a playing ground to practice safety, good horsemanship, and emphasizing the importance of being good stewards of our natural resources. ACTHA’s mission focuses on creating and enabling humane treatment & employment options for every able bodied equine, reducing the burden on local, state and federal programs to support the ever growing problem of unwanted, unused, abandoned, and abused equines.

ACTHA donates 20% of its share of member rider proceeds to a charity that the ride host selects. Over 1,000 events are planned in 2015 nationally. To learn more about ACTHA and to find a ride nearby visit

Breed Organizations or Horse Councils wishing to participate in this program for their group, should contact

This wonderful alliance was pioneered by the Virginia Horse Council and ACTHA’s  Chief Operating Officer Robin Tilghman.

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