March 29 Marks 30th Ride for Morning Star Ranch

Andy and Rita Kay Isaacs of Morning Star Ranch, Milano, Texas

Some may call it fate, some may call it destiny, but to others it is divine intervention. When Andy Isaacs walked into a hair salon owned by Rita Kay more than 30 years ago, their lives would be changed forever, and together they would embark on a journey of favor and miracles that would be defined as “Many Marvelous Ways”. This by the way is the title of a book that Rita Kay is currently writing.

Rita Kay was a single mom with three kids and a business. One year later they would be married. As with most couples, Andy and Rita Kay talked about long lost childhood dreams. Born and raised in the suburbs south of Dallas Andy always wanted to live on a ranch where he could raise horses and cattle, while Rita Kay wished for a horse with every birthday candle she blew out.

A couple devout to their faith, neither could deny their feelings of being called upon for a higher purpose. Andy was certain he was called to move to the country and believed that they would be responsible to feed a large number of people. At the same time, Rita Kay was being inspired in many marvelous ways to have a Christian leadership camp for teens. Through prayer for clear direction, the two dreams consummated and the vision of Morning Star Ranch was born.

So the couple, who had never lived in the country, would take a leap of faith. Their childhood dreams and experiences would guide them down a path filled with faith, hope and a love for horses.

Read the complete article in the March issue of the ACTHA Monthly Magazine >>


Upcoming Rides at Morning Star Ranch
March 28, 2015
March 29, 2015
30th Ride with a goal of 100 riders
Morning Star Ranch Ministries >

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