How to Register to Ride as an ACTHA Non-Member


From the home page ( open the event tabs (1) and then click Events & Locations (2) (


On the events page, select the ride you wish to register for.  The easiest way to search is to choose the STATE in the ‘Find By’ field and then click SEARCH (no need to insert anything in the ‘search’ field).  A list of rides appearing in that state will open, and you can easily find the ride you are searching for, if you don’t already have a link to it.  Click that ride to open it.  For rides consisting of multiple days, you will need to be sure to sign up for each day of the ride from this same page.  For now, choose one day of the ride and click it open.


When the ride page opens up, click the tan box that says JOIN RIDE


To sign up as a non-member, now click the RIDE AS A NON MEMBER tab


Fill in the form to begin the process of signing up as a non-member.  The software will walk you easily through the rest of the process.

If you have any difficulty, please feel free to contact our customer support line: 877-992-2842

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