Trail Riders, Here’s Your Blessing

Jeff_Orion_7-6-15_0336If you don’t read more than one article per month, you’d be well advised to let it be the column by Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage featured in each issue of the ACTHA Monthly Magazine.  Jeff writes for YOU, the trail rider, in each issue.  These aren’t articles he’s got stockpiled and sends to dozens of magazines each month.  No.  Each one is written especially for the trail rider, analyzing a different ACTHA obstacle in each issue, providing tips, advise and his wonderful way of looking at things through the eyes of the horse, a seasoned horseman and his brilliant sense of humor.  We are indeed so greatly blessed to have him as one of our contributing authors, and we just had to take a moment to say it to the world!  Thank you Jeff!

4The August Issue of the ACTHA Monthly discusses the DRAG obstacle.  In the article, Jeff discusses performance tips, gives suggestions on potential issues while training or practicing and even tips on how to train the horse who is new to obstacles.  There’s even a great tip provided by one of our members, Nicky Frechette (left) and her horse Lundi, about what NOT to do, based on a recent experience they shared at an ACTHA event.  If you haven’t read the article yet, click over and git’r done!  And be sure to watch for Jeff’s articles in each issue.  You’ll be glad you did.

A final note, we are very excited to be able to present Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage at the upcoming ACTHA hosted Great American Trail Horse Festival, November 5-8 in Mora, Missouri.  Jeff will be one of the fifteen renowned clinicians who will be presenting, teaching, offering private lessons, and celebrating the wonderful trail horse!

The “Unruly Outlaw” Earns Platinum

Dr. Wingo and Cat maneuver the 'Squeeze' obstacle at a recent CTC held at the J Bar K Ranch in Hartman, AR.  (and yes, they nailed it!)
Dr. Wingo and Cat maneuver the ‘Squeeze’ obstacle at a recent CTC held at the J Bar K Ranch in Hartman, AR. (and yes, they nailed it!)

Dr. Susan Wingo lives on a small farm with her family on the Texas/ Louisiana state line near Shreveport where she is a Louisiana ER doctor. Susan’s horse background began while growing up on a cattle ranch in the Sabine River bottoms of Northeast Texas.  There she participated in 4-H and Weekend Cutting. More recently, she has been riding and competing with ACTHA, racking up trail miles for the past 19 months.

“My formal training to refine my farmhand riding style, horsemanship and communication with my horse partner I now possess is largely due to listening and watching the many acquaintances and new friends I’ve made with ACTHA,” Susan states.

Susan’s regular ride on the trails is Cat Bar Bobby aka ‘Cat’; ACTHA’s newest Platinum Medal Award earner. Cat is a homegrown, family raised, now 15 year old mare Susan purchased as a yearling from her brother after several mishaps deemed her an outlaw and too unruly to be a trainable prospect.

Cat has proven not to be unruly, but mischievous, curious, very smart and a quick learner. She pulls pranks on the dogs, cats and even Susan’s husband has been seen chasing a “very pleased with herself mare” tossing her head with his favorite gimme-cap in her mouth. “‘That was when I abandoned teaching her the hat-pick-up trick,” Susan remarks with a grin.

Cat and Susan have been a great team for years now which Susan believes is the ‘secret’ to their success. In riding with ACTHA, Cat has shown that the more complicated and spooky an obstacle is, the better she shines. Susan tells us, “I am so proud of my mischievous mare Cat, and myself for learning new riding skills, and our achievement of the Platinum Medal this year. You can bet we will be at the AOC’s and CTC’s continuing to reach our next goal!”

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