4-Star Horse Trailers, Inc. Essay Survey Picks!

4-Star Horse Trailers, Inc., and ACTHA, would like to thank the very many participants who took part in the ‘Dream Trailer Survey”.  It was great to hear what you all felt were important features for a horse trailer to have!  As promised, 5 of the survey entries were randomly chosen to recieve a 4-Star Horse Trailers, Inc. ballcap as our thanks for your participation.  Thanks again to all, and safe journeys to each of you on the way to your adventures! 
BALL CAP WINNERS – to receive your gift contact 4-Star Trailers eileen@4startrailers.com

Montie retired looking for a new TRAIL horse now
A dream trailer of mine is a 4-Star with slide outs on both sides for generous indoor space, outside grill mount for cooking, a motorized hay lift on the side so I can bring the necessary hay for a week camping. I want clips on the side to hold round pen panels for camping. I want nice recliners in the “living area” to crash in, when the riding is finished. I want enough headroom in the sleeping area so that I don’t bonk my head when suddenly awakened. I want space in front of my horse, to easily offer water while in the trailer, and an access door to do so. I think my horse deserves padded sides for those occasional bumps he probably has. I want the best safest windows for him to get air and see with screens. Yee HAW, lets go camping! ~ M. B.

Rock and Roll’s Babe

My dream trailer is a 5 horse slant load with living quarters that are wheelchair accessible and has a compartment with a ramp to store my husband’s electric wheelchair during trips. The entrance to the living quarters must have a fold down railing and steps so that we can walk him into the living quarters. The isle must be wide enough to accommodate a manual wheelchair (36″) or a walker. There needs to be one sleeper/recliner chair so that he can sleep, since he cannot lay flat. We always planned to travel with the horses after he retired. But due to 2 massive cerebral hemorrhages, he was forced into early retirement and our plans changed. With the right trailer, he would at least be able to camp with the others again and enjoy that part of trail riding even though he will never be able to ride again. We are raising our grandchildren. This dream trailer would allow us to share our love of camping with horses with our grandchildren. It would make our lives whole again. ~ S.H.

Zips Been Dipped aka Zipper

Our family truely believes in doing as much together as possible and that includes all the hard work, love and challenges of having horses. Zipper is our all around guy. I compete with Zipper in ACTHA competitions while the grandkids ride him in Leadline and Walk/jog at horse shows. When ever we have to overnight we stay in a tent which is very challenging with an 2 and 5 year old! Our Dream Trailer would allow us, after a long day being with Zip, to come together as a family in the living quarters. A kitchen to make our meals in, a table to gather round to laugh about our mistakes, smile over our triumphs and just wind down as a family. A bathroom with a shower to scrub off the day’s grime. A bed to tuck the children in, a quiet place for us old folks to sleep away in and maybe even enough room for the dog! A two horse slant with removeable partition, so Zip can stretch out, that’s safe, ventilated and quiet would be appreciated. An awning to gather under to socialize with neighbors…that would be a Dream Trailer. ~ S.M.


My dream trailer is a 4 horse gooseneck with mangers, drop down windows head and butt side. Horse ties outside should be stronger and rounded no sharp edges anywhere near the horses. Horse area must be insulated with individual fans per horse and inside stall lighting. Stud wall for front stall and on head dividers between horses just bars so they can see each other and I think it would improve air flow. Walk thru door from living quarters to horse area. Roll out tack area for easy access. In living area a double sink or I won’t buy it! Had a trailer with a single sink and I hated it.You can’t believe how hard it is to wash dishes with just a single sink! Double slide with couch, dinette and a bar with stools. We do a lot of dry camping with no hookups so need a generator, a 6.0 or 8.0 fridge. 3 burner cooktop and a stove, microwave. Of course air and heat ducted air. Large shower with glass type doors,large holding tanks for fresh water and waste. Flat screen tv that swivels to sleeping area with a cool fireplace/heater under it. Lots of cabinets and storage areas. Probably would need a hay rack too. Must be built tough as we pull to some extreme areas to ride. Would love to test one out for y’all. LOL Hope this helps, You can usually tell a man has designed the living area so getting suggestions from a woman is always a good idea 🙂 ~ D.N.


My boy can get a little claustrophobic so 7’6″ and decent width is an absolute must. I have had some people inform me that goosenecks are a) easier to drive and b) easier on the truck so I would hope to get a fifth wheel. I only need a small dressing room, nothing fancy. Having the gooseneck would mean I could set up a mattress for sleeping over too. My absolute dream trailer would be a straight load with ramp at back and on the offside, in a 2 horse or 2+1. I’d like it to have really good ventilation, removable dividers, lots of windows, and a camera system. I’d love to get just a simple white/ gray trailer with navy graphics to match the truck (also still a dream) and my horse’s colours. Hey you said “dream trailer” right? Frankly I’d settle for anything that would keep my horse safe and happy, and I would rest assured knowing if something went wrong I could get him to a clinic asap. ~ A. S.

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