This is My Trail Horse: Two American Quarter Horses Who Love the Trail

By Gucci and Sweetsie

And Edited by our people
Maria Sorgie & Tara Langella
Hi everyone, I would like to introduce us to you.  I am Gucci and my sister horse is Sweetsie.  We are both quarter horses.  I do eventing and trail riding and Sweetsie aka” Baby Sweets “is a professional barrel racer.  Our people are both sisters also.  Mine is Maria and Sweetsie’s is Tara. 
We are lucky horses to have such great people to care for us and to take us trail riding.  Our people understand that it’s important for us horses to trail ride as much as possible.  It is good for our souls and there is no better way to learn to trust our people!!!  And wait till you hear this trail story.

One beautiful spring day our people tacked us up and headed for the trail.  We took a swim across the river and up up up a steep hill into the wilderness.  Sweetsie and I were very excited and happy to be spending our time with our people and the great outdoors.  We galloped across the paths and helped our people deal with all of the hikers, bikers, and fellow critters that kept sharing our path. Don’t worry everyone, we are brave trail horses and accustomed to such things since our people take us exploring on a steady basis. Our people chatted and pat us and assured us that everything was great.  (Why do you people have such nervous talk, we got this).  

Anyway, suddenly Sweetsie heard Tara say, “UH OH, there is a nest of baby eggs.” Suddenly from out of the sky a black and white large animal squawked and attacked us.  It swooped at my head, I did the brave act and decided to run the other way, Sweetsie attacked it, such a good big sister.  Then she turned and ran with me.  We weren’t scared, everyone, we knew we had to get our people to safety.  They hung on, which was a good thing.  I heard a nervous whoa from my person and Sweetsie heard it too, we stopped and walked our people back down the path and headed for home.  They let us swim all the way down the river.  And gallop up all the hills.  I like to hear our people tell us good things, and hear their happy chatter, and enjoy our adventures together.  Hope you enjoyed my little adventure.  And a great big thanks to ACTHA for recognizing us trail horses and all of our extended family that may need some help.  And to all our people out there who know how important trail riding is for us horses.  Happy Trails, America.  And watch out for those geese!!!!

Many thanks to Durvet Apple Wormer for sponsoring “This is my Trail Horse”.  Gucci & Sweetsie will receive a gift from Durvet.

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