A Message From Equine GutFlush

Tips For Reducing Equine Colic
1. Make all feed changes gradually.
2. Don’t feed on sand.
3. De-worm regularly.
4. Do more frequent, small feedings.
5. Minimize carbohydrates. (horses are best adapted to eat grass and hay)
6. Supply plenty of fresh water and provide salt.
7. In cold weather, offer warm water.
8. Provide regular exercise.
9. Check on your horse at least twice a day.
10. Have their teeth checked or floated at least once or twice a year.
We want to see healthy happy tummies here at ACTHA. Our sponsor, Equine GutFlush helps your horse through mild colic, and can have him back on his hooves in about 45 minutes. Visit their website today to learn more about the signs of colic, and how you can help your horse!
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