Part II David Reaser Story

[Follow Up on the Member of the Week Story]

Laura Reaser Miller, “Since Actha is big in Texas I am sharing the story of the wonderful police officers that helped my father! This post from June, 2012 Fort Worth Police Department.”

June 12, 2012. On Monday, June 11, 2012, in the early morning hours, officers responded to a driver heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of Interstate 20 at Bryant Irvin Road. Officers located the vehicle and began paralleling the driver. The officers used their lights and sirens in attempt to get the driver’s attention. The vehicle was a one-ton pickup truck pulling a horse trailer with a horse in the back. The situation was extremely dangerous. The driver observed a police car ahead and finally pulled over. The driver was an elderly male that appeared confused and lost.

It was determined that the male was heading back to Arizona from Michigan and got lost in Fort Worth. The driver’s family was contacted in Arizona and told officers they would catch an immediate flight to Fort Worth and drive the vehicle back. This left officers with the dilemma as to what must be done with the driver, his truck and trailer until the family could arrive.

An officer from the Traffic Division arrived on scene and his actions at this point demonstrated the essence of what is written on the side of every Fort Worth police car “Service with Respect” and “Dedicated to Protect”. This officer made arrangements with a friend to house the driver’s horse in a vacant horse stall at a nearby location and provided food to ensure the horse would be taken care of. The officer then arranged for the driver’s truck and trailer to be driven to his own residence for storage. Finally, this compassionate officer offered his own home for the driver to sleep and stay until the driver’s family arrived from Arizona.

This officer’s actions are above and beyond the duties and responsibilities of a police officer. His concern for people guided his decisions to ensure that this visitor to our city was treated with dignity and respect. Actions like this are an example of the level of service the public deserves.

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