Platinum Medal Winners Ann Harris and Marty’s Spotted Go Boy, aka Marty

Congratulations to Ann Harris and Marty of Georgia, for their achievement of the ACTHA Platinum Medal Award!   “I’m so proud of Marty… the BEST trail partner ANY one could have!!” says Ann. 

Marty, a Spotted Saddle Horse gelding, has now acquired over 300 points with ACTHA, marking his Platinum Medal status. The team’s achievement earns them a one year supply of Equine Supplement from Platinum Performance.  Ann and Marty are the 7th horse/rider team in the nation to achieve the ACTHA Platinum Medal Award.  Prior to the Platinum Medal, the team have earned a Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze.  Currently, Ann and Marty are ranked #1 in the state of Georgia and #9 Nationally.  We are very proud of this team’s tremendous achievements, a lot of hard work, dedication and team work have truly paid off! 

We would like to thank our sponsors at Platinum Performance for supporting ACTHA and its members.  Please be sure to visit them on Facebook and let them know we appreciate them!

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